Local Citations

Submitting your business to a website directory is a great way to improve organic search results for your business name.

Local Citations

Local Citations are basically any mention of your business on the world wide web. That can include any combination of your company name, phone number, address, postal code, website address and social media links. For SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes citations mentioned on other applicable websites are in SEO terms a key factor in improving your local search results.

A citation does not need to link back to your website to be valuable

The value of any citation is the mention of your business. Search engines like Google identifies that your business was mentioned through the presence of your advertisement on GoSimples, and you get credit for this mention. The more mentions of your business out on the web, the more prominent your business appears to Google, and this will help with your local rankings.


GoSimples generates traffic to your business

It's no secret that any website online will look for good quality "back-links" from one website to another. GoSimples does just that - your business listing is a positive back-link to your own website, social media page or whichever current method you use to help promote your business right now.

Listing Plans to suit all budgets

We have created 6 unique plans for you to choose from. Our Lifetime Plan is a popluar choice especially with many of our customers. It's a one off payment which guarantees a MINIMUM of 3 years advertising on GoSimples. Based on current charges, that's an incredible saving of 22% over 3 years. The 4th year means a 100% saving!!
*Prices shown below are examples only. They were correct at the time on 31st October 2019.


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